Giorgia Carlini

freelance illustrator/ designer/ creative mind

email  carlinigiorgia@yahoo.co.uk

Instagram: @Lobsterandpearls

Etsy Shop: LobsterAndPearls



I work under the nom de plume Lobster and Pearls. My work covers primarily illustration, but also design and, more recently, tattoo art.
My illustrations reflect a range of influences from my art studies to my interest in all that is contemporary, in particular fashion.
The exhibition in early 2017 was a collection of personal sketches covering two years, using frames found in charity shops around London.
In my latest exhibition, in August 2017, I explored personal insecurities and the themes of duality and the “masks” we all use: the use of animal heads symbolises the masks that we sometimes wear consciously or unconsciously, and is also a way to depersonalise a body that is feminine in order to allow everybody to identify with it.
Bold lines and graphic signs are significant throughout my works; the use of continuous lines is also a strong component of my drawings, creating fluidity in particular in portraits. Another signature is the use of religious references and sacred imagery such as the pose of hands or the presence of halos. This use can be led back to the theme of duality: the sacred or the profane? The interpretation is open…
Why the focus on fashion? Fashion plays a large role in our society and, apart from being a passion of mine, allows me to project the subject in the now, in the present. Like a portrait of a noble lady in 1600 reflected the style in vogue at that time, so my women are wearing current season high fashion or haute couture pieces.


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